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6000X WaveFlex Hand

6000x waveflex hand

6000X WaveFlex Hand

Product ID: 2824

Category: CPM Upper Extremities

Manufacturer: QAL Medical

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Revolutionary design with true composite fist technology – each digit achieves ROM at its own speed and place. Full composite fist flexion Lightweight and portable Comfortable, fully adjustable splint Adjustable speed Pause feature for enhanced results Programmable reverse-on-load and warm-up features Easy-to-use digital motion controller Minimal joint compression The WaveFlex® is the unique anatomic hand CPM that allows the patient to achieve a full composite fist at 270°. Each joint is fully flexed by a sophisticated finger attachment which assists the fingers through a natural path of motion. The portable, lightweight and balanced design enables wear for extended periods of time. The adjustable splint with open palmar area forms to the contours of the patient’s arm to give comfort and stability. Finger clip attachments make the device easy to apply and remove. Treatment is enhanced by operating features contained in the simple to use programmable motion controller. These include adjustable speed, a programmable pause, warm-up feature, and programmable reverse-on-load. Professionals will also appreciate the built-in compliance meter for monitoring patient progress and the lock-out feature to prevent tampering. Indications Immediate postoperative management after the following, where indicated: Capsulotomy, arthrolysis and tenolysis for post-traumatic stiffness of MP & PIP joints ORIF of intra-articular, diaphyseal and metaphyseal fracture of the phalanges and metacarpals Flexor and extensor tendon tenolysis Flexor and extensor tendon synovectomies, post arthrotomy/drainage of acute septic arthritis Prosthetic replacement of MP and PIP joints Stable fractures Crush hand injuries w/o fractures or dislocations Hand or digit reattachment Dupytren’s contracture release Burn injuries; and reflex sympathy dystrophy (RSD)


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