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L4D and 480E Reusable Patient Kits

l4d and 480e reusable patient kits

L4D and 480E Reusable Patient Kits

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Category: CPM Lower Extremities

Manufacturer: QAL Medical

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Great therapy and great value come together. OrthoAgility CPM devices not only strive to provide the best in CPM therapy for your patients, but also the best in value for you. That’s why two of our leading CPM products, the L4D and the 480E, now offer reusable patient kits. The L4D’s vinyl softgoods kit and the 480E’s plastic soft-goods kit are made from advanced anti-microbial material and both can easily be cleaned and reused to extend the life of your investment. OrthoAgility’s L4D device patient kit Made of innovative, anti-microbial materials, this four-piece, L4D CPM patient kit is made of comfortable, padded vinyl which is installed using a familiar Velcro configuration. The pads are easily removed for cleaning and include: Calf Pad Foot Support Pad Thigh Support Pad Gluteal Pad OrthoAgility’s 480E device patient kit Cleanable and reusable, the 480E’s three-piece patient kit offers easy “snap assembly” to the leg frame of the CPM and includes: Foot Support Thigh Cradle Calf Cradle


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