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About Us

Welcome to MedCareMart…

     MedCareMart is medical device company that has been providing equipment and supplies to top medical professionals all across the globe for more than thirty years. All our products are manufactured in the US and Europe, and we deal directly with manufactures while prioritizing customer satisfaction. This platform has been designed to connect world’s leading medical manufacturers with our customers and to provide them with direct access to the critical information they need to make a purchase decision. Currently, we are the exclusive distributor for some leading medical technologies in the world from disposables and surgical instrumentation to radio/electro surgical devices and operating room equipment.

The key behind the success of MedCareMart lies in its highly skilled group of staff who keeps its eyes and ears glued to the medical world.  This permits us to consistently supply the appropriate solutions to our wide range of clientele. 

Our Mission

The mission of MedCareMart is to help in narrowing the gap in the delivery of excellent healthcare products, especially in the undeserved communities in the world and provide resources back to  healthcare professionals and their organization. We want to serve the people through delivery of the best medical equipment and work with others in the field to achieve a common objective of improving the quality of life among various communities.                   

Our Model

We are experts when it comes to medical instruments. With tens of thousands of medical devices to choose from, you need to find a supplier who is thorough in his subject and provide valuable insights. This is what we exactly do. We offer suggestions that can be greatly beneficial to our customers. A majority of retailers partner with several wholesalers, dealers and distributors which results in an escalation of price via the supply chain. MedCareMart eradicates this supply chain and this is the main reason why our costs are contained.

  • Professional service and quality products at cost-effective prices

Our objective is to deliver high quality products to medical professionals at cost-effective prices. We work directly with our customers and factories which eradicates wholesalers or dealers. This automatically brings down the price.

  • Orders delivered correctly in full  within a stated time period

  We deliver quality products which are hard to find among other competitors in the field. All products you order at MedCareMart are delivered within the given time frame.  Before sending the products to our customers, our highly skilled staff will inspect each product closely so that you don’t face any difficulties. Register users can see the status of their orders online. Contact Customer Service for more questions.