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Datalys 730

datalys 730

Datalys 730

Product ID: 2805

Category: Fetal Monitors

Manufacturer: Lutech

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Features: In-sit 4.3” LCD display, with independent operating system which can be used either for Datalys 790 plug-in module or as a separate monitor Built-in 2600mAh lithium cell  SPO2 pulse oxygen saturation technology Gold standard OxiMax® pulse oxygen saturation system Unique LoSatTM technique SatSecondsTM intelligent alarm management system  Parameters: 6-parameter module: electrocardiography/ heart rate/ respiratory rate/ body temperature/ pulse oxygen saturation ECG twelve channel electrocardiograph technology With CardioTecTM twelve channel electrocardiograph it can display 12-channel electrocardiographic wave simultaneously.  Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) can reach 105db


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