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Duoform Gel and Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion

duoform gel and foam wheelchair seat cushion

Duoform Gel and Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Product ID: 2731

Category: Gel Cushions

Manufacturer: Columbia Medical

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The perfect blend of gel comfort and foam support. This dual-zone cushion utilizes non-fluid gel sealed without seams to provide just the right support high and low risk areas. P341C3636 (14"W x 14"D) - Weight capacity 150 lbs. P341C4242 (16"W x 16"D) - Weight capacity 240 lbs. P341C4246 (16"W x 18"D) - Weight capacity 260 lbs. P341C4542 (18"W x 16"D) - Weight capacity 260 lbs. P341C4546 (18"W x 18"D) - Weight capacity 305 lbs. P341C5146 (20"W x 18"D) - Weight capacity 350 lbs.


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