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Aphrodite Battery Wet/Dry

aphrodite battery wetdry

Aphrodite Battery Wet/Dry

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Manufacturer: Touch America

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 A truly remarkable product, the Aphrodite Battery Wet/Dry combines a plush upholstered top made of seamless, marine-grade vinyl with a water/mildew-resistant underside for the ultimate achievement in comfort and longevity. Battery height adjustment with hand control. Includes battery, charger and Wet Sheet. • Height range 28” –39” •Top size 30” x 73” w/ seamless marine-grade vinyl •Use w/ optional Deluxe FaceSpace II for massage •Includes Wet Sheet (must be used for all wet treatments) •Not recommended for use w/ Vichy Shower (see Neptune) •Lift capacity 375 lbs. •Table weight 200 lbs.


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