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Viola PowerTilt

viola powertilt

Viola PowerTilt

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Manufacturer: Touch America

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Viola PowerTilt TOP: Top design Top design Four-piece adjustable top with round corners, three-layer foam, 3/4" plywood Standard size top Standard size top 30" x 73" 30 x 73 Foam 2" firm bottom layer + 1 3/4" medium density layer of urethane polymer Polyester batting l1/2" fluffy polyester Dacron top layer Frame 3/4" plywood frame reinforced for armrests and face cradle Adjustments Easy motorized adjustments of torso, knee, and upper body sections Back tilt angle 0 to 60° 0 to 60 Knee tilt angle Knee tilt angle 0 to 30° 0 to 30 BASE & FRAME BASE & FRAME: Base:  Elegant, contemporary design with Cherry wood veneer surrounding a carbon steel frame Shelf: Standard End panel and door options: End panel and door options: Cherry standard; Bamboo optional 8" leg recess  8" recess from ends of table Height range: 21" to 33" (infinite motorized adjustment) Lifting weight:  450 lb Lifting weight capacity 450 lbs. Capacity Static weight capacity 1000 lbs. MOTORS & CONTROLS: MOTORS & CONTROLS:  PowerTilt motors  Two 24v DC, 5 amp max motor/actuators, UL recognized; powered through a 110v 5 amp transformer powered through a 110v, 5 amp transformer  Base lift motor Dyna-lift motorized (24v DC, 4 amp) hydraulic lift system uses the same transformer as the top motor/actuators Controls Hand control VINYL:  UltraSoft-Touch Light  fabric backed Lightly textured, super-soft PU vinyl, fabric backed ACCESSORIES: Sidearms Flex Armrests Face support Face support Deluxe Foot extension Salon Footrest or Full Footrest Facial Neck Bolster GUARANTEES: Structure 10 yrs. on replacement parts for frame/structure and 1 yr. on labor Vinyl & foam Guaranteed to arrive in good condition  Motor & controls 2 yrs on materials 1 yr on labor for hydraulic leg motors 2 yrs. on materials. Wood veneer Wood veneer 1 yr r. WEIGHTS: Table weight 248 lbs. Shipping weight - boxed Shipping weight - boxed 300 lbs. 300 lbs. Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 83"L x 39"W x 36"H


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