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Ellman International, Inc.

Ellman International, Inc.

 About Ellman International Inc

Ever since Hicksville-based Ellman International opened its doors to the public in 1959, the firm has moved on to become a leader in the field of advanced radio frequency technology for surgical and aesthetic procedures. It provides high quality equipments like Radio Surgery Surgitron, aesthetic lasers and Pelleve Wrinkle System among others. Ellman boasts of a dedicated team of workers who share a common passion of delivering great products that ensure the improvement of life for patients all across the globe.

Radio surgery from Ellman

Frequency and tissue penetration depth are inversely related to each other. Since Radiowave Technology from Ellman has a pretty high frequency, it encounters relatively less resistance of tissues compared to electrosurgery with reduced frequency. This indicates that the amount of heat generated in the tissue is less. On the other hand, electrosurgery with reduced frequency results in increased resistance and consequently deeper penetration. All of this results in higher generation of heat, which leads to greater destruction of the cells along the route of the incision. The products at Ellman have been designed to perform at a frequency of 4MHz which results in decreased thermal damage.

Researchers have now concluded that the radiowave surgery products of high frequency from Ellman have superior patient outcomes in comparison to conventional lasers and electrosurgery.

Some facts about the 4MHz Radiowave Technology from Ellman are as follows:

  • Speedy Recovery
  • Reduced pain following operation
  • Reduced Edema following surgery
  • Decreased burning/charring of the tissue
  • High return on your investment
  • Versatile

Thermal damage reduced by 73% with radiowave technology from Ellman

A research carried out at the University of Iowa made a comparison between the radiowave technology from Ellman with two top electrosurgery generators of low frequency - Valley Lab and Bovie. The main objective of this study was to measure the thermal damage by the three generators. The same electrode model was used by each generator, with the electrode having a diameter wire of 0.07 inch. Each of these generators was then set at the most favourable power setting to reduce tissue drag.

On examining the tissue samples histologically, it was found that the thermal damage with Ellman was 73% less compared to the other generators.

Aesthetic lasers

Ellman entered the medical aesthetic space in the year 2009 and introduced the Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System. This opened newer avenues for the company in big international markets comprising of aesthetic practitioners.  By 2013, the firm released some economic laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices with great safety profiles. The production giant offers multiple capabilities and technologies in just one package along with stand-alone devices. One of the latest systems include the Cortex laser which is an amalgamation or Er:YAG and CO2 for deep resurfacing and superficial rejuvenation of the skin.

Some key features of Ellman’s aesthetic lasers are as follows:

  • Safe photo acoustic mechanism that is effective
  • Dual Wavelengths
  • Multiple spot sizes and Spontaneous control panel
  • Reduced operator fatigue due to the lightweight ergonomic handpiece

Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction Technology

According to Joel Schlessinger, a cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist in Omaha, Neb, Ellman plays a major role in the field of aesthetic treatments. Instead of moving ahead with the same technology every year, the firm launches sensible technologies that are applauded by all. An example of this is the Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction Technology, which delivers energy to the infected tissues with the help of improved radiofrequency technology that induces collagen contraction without disturbing the epidermis. This leads to tightening of the skin as well as contouring with an apparent improvement in the quality and texture of the skin. Since this treatment is pleasurable and comfortable, patients return for additional sessions, which make it a hugely popular one. The latest advancements in this technology were introduced in 2011 by Ellman and allow patients to have an additionally comfortable Pelleve experience, thereby providing more options to the clinicians. You can watch a short video of Ellman Wrinkle Reduction System here.

Assets of Ellman acquired by Cynosure

In Sept 2014, Cynosure, a pioneer in the field of laser-and light-based aesthetic treatments acquired the assets of Ellman for close to $13.2 million in pure cash. The present revenue-run rate per annum of Ellman is around $25 million. This development is set to soar the earnings of Cynosure per share by Q1 2015.

Ellman stated in February 2014 that its PelleFirm RF Body Treatment System had been approved by US Food and Drug Administration for heating of the tissue and temporary reduction in the look of the cellulite.