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1. About CooperSurgical

Ever since our inception in 1990, CooperSurgical has been engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing a broad ambit of trusted brands that have taken the standard of women’s health care to a higher level. Physicians and healthcare professional from eminent hospitals use our products for various practices for a wide variety of procedures ranging from fundamental gynaecological exams to more advanced surgeries.

Our Trumbull, CT-based manufacturing centre produces close to 90% of CooperSurgical products. The facility, which is spread over 100,000 square feet, boasts of 225 manufacturing experts. Some other locations of the company can be found in Pasadena, Berlin and Stafford among others. All your purchases at CooperSurgical are cost-effective and convenient, with physicians, gynaecologists, hospitals and assisted reproductive technology clinics relying on disposables, medical devices and surgical instruments manufactured by the company.

The main objective of CooperSurgical is to acquire and develop a whole range of clinically efficient products that allow physicians to provide the best health care to the fairer sex.

  1. Labor and delivery products

The shorter and semi-rigid stem of CooperSurgical’s MityOne offers advanced tactile feedback for improved control. The pop-offs are also minimized as a result of which physicians can easily find out the accurate relationship between the stem and the head of the baby while following the Arc of Delivery. The self restricting pressure gauge of the device does not exceed the recommended levels. The scalp trauma is reduced by 68% because of the soft bell cup interface. The newly redesigned one-piece unit based on suggestions on Ob/Gyns and physicians has a high efficacy rate of 97%, with laceration rates touching less than 1.59%.

The Ob/Mobius Retractor is a self-retaining retractor which improves surgical exposure greatly, as a result of which it creates greater working area in comparison to conventional retractors. It provides circumferential retraction of 360 degrees while the outer ring which is malleable molds to the abdomen of the patient. This provides a low-profile and secure exposure. The Vacuum-Assisted Delivery product can be found in two sizes for C-sections, and minimizes trauma, cuts down risk of blood and wound infection, and leads to speedy patient recovery.

The Filshie Tubal Ligation System from CooperSurgical offers both patients and physicians greater versatility with respect to female sterilization. The minimally invasive technique can be used in post-partum or an interval laparoscopic approach after vaginal birth or during caesarean delivery. The device needs minimal procedure time since there is no cauterization, tying or transaction of the fallopian tubes.

The Clear Tone can be the best alternative for you while selecting the ultimate fetal doppler. It provides high sound quality since it has improved audio output. The medical device has fetal probes that are interchangeable and can be found in a waterproof model for various kinds of clinical settings. The digital display, which can be easily read, calculates the beats per minute to trim down the time to count and calculate.

CooperSurgical’s Zeppelin S Vaginal Hysterectomy Clamp offers a strong design of stainless steel jaw and is available in curved, straight and angled shapes for all abdominal procedures for the benefit of women’s health. These stainless steel surgical instruments are produced in Germany using the best standards to provide superior balance and enhanced durability. Furthermore, the device offers minimal slippage and powerful holding power.

  • Lone Star

Lone Star retractor is a self-retaining retractor arrangement suitable for a broad range of surgical procedures for women. This is an essential component for some important procedures like urinary incontinence, repairs of pelvic organ prolapse, vaginal mesh excision/revision, repairs of rectovaginal fistula and perioneplasty among others. The device is cost-effective, easy-to-use and simplifies surgical procedures.

  • SuperCut Hysterectomy Scissors

The SuperCut Hysterectomy Scissors has been designed with the highest quality standards and provide great accuracy and balance. The blades of the medical device have an ultra-sharp edge along with a serrated edge which allows gynaecologists and physicians to exercise greater control while securing and cutting tissue.

3. Gynaecological Specialty Instruments (250 words)

  • Stainless Endocervical Specula

The Euro-Med Endocervical Specula is an entire set of instruments that is designed for better handling, response and comfort. Each set has four fundamental colposcopy hand instruments featuring a biopsy punch, a curette, a hook and an endocervical speculum. Click here to find out the different types of biopsy punches.

  • Sponge Forceps

CooperSurgery’s Sponge Forceps are mainly used for gynaecologic surgery procedures and feature oval tips having serrations. The device is used to grasp the sponges during the course of the procedure. The sponges are firmly held by the ratchet handles.

  • Cervical Tenacula

The Cervical Tenacula offers maximum cervical stability with its two hooks. A fantastic cervical access is provided by the long length of the device. In all, CooperSurgical offers four unique kinds of tenaculum designed for complex surgical procedures.

  • Endometrial Curettes

CooperSurgical’s endometrial curettes are the best alternative for uterine curettage. The Sims Curettes are malleable and sharp, and are available in unique sizes. They are 11 inches long according to industry standards. The other varieties include Randall and Novak.

  • Endocervical Curettes

Endocervical Curettes are used for endocervical tissue retrival. The single-use curettes, which are sterile, combine the safety and convenience of a disposable with improved leverage and manoeuvrability.

  • Sounds and Dilators-Sims and Hegar

Products from CooperSurgical offer gentle and smooth dilation of the cervix. The Sims Uterine Sound can accurately determine the depth and cuts down the dangers of perforation. Hegar dilators provide Obgyn and physicians the option of double-ended dilators in increments of millimetre from 3-18.

  • Stainless Steel Vaginal  Lateral Wall Retractors

The stainless steel vaginal and lateral wall retractors are designed to fit into the yoke of a basic speculum. The retractor expands so that its width is more than that of the speculum blades and draws back the sidewalls of the vaginal vault so that a clear view of the cervical anatomy is achieved.

  • Stainless Steel Vaginal Specula

Stainless steel vaginal specula, which are re-usable, are available from CooperSurgical, and can be used in almost any kind of situation. Vaginal specula are used by gynaecologists to examine the cervix or vagina. The surgical instruments are essential for visualization while treating cervical/vaginal lesions.

  • Biopsy Punches

CooperSurgical’s Biopsy Punches are available in different varieties to suit the demands of most physical care providers. The present lot of biopsy punches are more powerful and smaller compared to those that were previously offered.

Pessaries for Prolapse and Incontinence

Pelvic organ prolapsed and incontinence are widely prevalent among women in the US. However, these are not life-threatening conditions. Close to 30% of US women suffer from pelvic floor prolapse and 10-30% of women in the country have incontinence. Milex Pessaries from Cooper Surgical assist individuals with pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. They are available in 25 unique styles and various sizes to fit the anatomy of each patient. Milex Pessaries are made up of autoclavable, soft, medical-grade silicone and are the best alternative for treating women suffering from lower urinary tract dysfunction. Here is a detailed guide on Pessaries.