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Cortex CO2

cortex co2

Cortex CO2

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Manufacturer: Ellman International, Inc.

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Cortex CO2 & Er:YAG Laser The practical solution for your client's skin resurfacing needs Product: Only the CortexT System provides access to both ablative wavelengths most often used for laser skin resurfacing: CO2 for deep, effective resurfacing with remarkable outcomes, and Erbium YAG for superficial resurfacing, an effective alternative to peels. No other system provides the flexibility of treating patients using CO2, Erbium or both. Features & Benefits: No disposables Flexible delivery of energy and treatment options Versatile scanner with fractional treatment modality Surgical capability Clinical Uses: Erbium YAG (superficial resurfacing) Superficial skin resurfacing Fine lines & wrinkles Micro-laser peels CO2 Fractional (deep resurfacing) Moderate lines & wrinkles Benign pigmented lesions & dyschromia Acne scars Skin texture flaws Deep skin resurfacing