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Pelleve S5

pelleve s5

Pelleve S5


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Manufacturer: Ellman International, Inc.

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The Pellevé® S5 System is a newly enhanced Pellevé-branded version of our proven Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5, providing maximum control in precision cutting and energy delivery, plus more versatility than other energybased technologies, including: • GlideSafe® Wrinkle Treatment Handpieces for skin tightening • Hundreds of surgical electrodes and accessories for most specialties • Ideal for office and clinic environments Powered by advanced radiofrequency technology, the patented Pellevé® S5 energy source provides unparalleled surgical PRECISION in soft tissue cutting and coagulation. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz minimizes thermal tissue damage along the incision path. The S5 offers complete VERSATILITY, with more options for use in surgical and aesthetic procedures than other energy-based platforms and includes the Pellevé® Wrinkle Reduction System, a revolutionary tool for the non-ablative treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles. The patented Pellevé® S5 redefines your surgical results with two distinct frequencies – 4.0 MHz (Monopolar) and 1.7 MHz (Bipolar) – for outstanding precision and control. The Pellevé® S5 and Surgition® Dual RF™S5 are the only Ellman energy sources compatible with GlideSafe® Wrinkle Treatment Handpieces. Pellevé® S5 – IEC *Item # IEC5P-ST Shipped complete with: *IEC-PC110 (for 110v) power cord *IEC-PC220 (for 220v) power cord DF-FSC# Dual Footswitch & Cable IEC-HP1 IEC Foot-Controlled Handpiece IEC-3FHPB IEC 3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece IEC-3FHPB/D1 Sterile/Single-Use 3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece IEC-BC/I 3-Bipolar Sterile/Single-Use Cables IEC-NPD IEC Neutral PlateSterile/Single-Use DSEP40 40 Medical Electrodes Assortment Package Sterile/Single-Use H79 Handpiece Clip “J” Series Bipolar Forceps DIM-92-55 Instruction Manual (USA) DIM-92-56 Instruction Manual (International) NOTE: Included accessories may vary by country and/or by special packages.  


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