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Cosmetic Treatment Package

cosmetic treatment package

Cosmetic Treatment Package

Product ID: 2638

Category: Dermatology

Manufacturer: Ellman International, Inc.

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The ellman® Cosmetic Treatment Package is an effective, comfortable way to remove small unsightly “spider veins” with minimal recovery time, minimal scarring and immediate improvement in appearance. Cosmetic Treatment Package for treating telangiectasia and epilation of hair follicles   # H135A For EMC Device   # IEC-H135A For S5, Surgitron® Dual RF™, AcuSect™and RadioLase® Devices   Package Includes: One MicroInsulated Needle Handpiece, 50 MicroInsulated Sterile Needles and 50 Patient Education Brochures # XH136 MicroInsulated Needle HandpieceTM For EMC Device (2 pcs) # IEC-XH136 MicroInsulated Needle HandpieceTMFor S5, Surgitron® Dual RF™, AcuSect and RadioLase Devices (2 pcs) # H137 MicroInsulated Sterile Needles (50 pcs) # H1375 MicroInsulated Sterile Needles bulk pkg (250 pcs) # CC09116 Patient Education Brochure: Facial Veins (50 pcs)


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